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ISIS: Why they LOVE to HATE us
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20160829 Steve Huston  Category:   Tags:

Freedom in the Balance
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20160826 Lisa Van Houten  Category:   Tags:

AFA continues to target Target

 This is NOT a solution and does nothing to change their policy or prevent men and potential sexual predators from entering women’s restrooms and dressing rooms.Target continues to discriminate against the majority of their shoppers, holding fast to its “transgender” policy. They continue to put our women and children in harm’s way; and AFA continues to drive forward its boycott.  Thank you AFA!

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20160824 Steve Huston  Category: targetboycott  Tags: AFA, Target, Boycott

See Something Say Something!

 We were so blessed to have this Spirit-led man of God speak out about these perilous times and our government’s willful blindness and their attacks against truth.

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20160823 Steve Huston  Category: eventpolitical  Tags: events,political, Islam

Media trumps TRUMP!

 Like a magician’s sleight of hand or those dastardly movie bad guys, who put out a detour sign hoping to win the race by misleading others on to the wrong route, the media is biased and drags America around by its ear. Its influence is wide, deep, and often dangerous as they report an agenda instead of the plain facts.

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20160819 Steve Huston  Category: media  Tags: Trump. media, politics

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