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March 22 and 24: Free Financial Planning Event Coming to West Michigan
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20160205 Steve Huston  Category:   Tags:

Patriotism vs. Nationalism
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20160204 Steve Huston  Category:   Tags:

He, She, It, They….Who?
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20160203 Steve Huston  Category:   Tags:

What we say, and do, AND are - does impact others.

  I listen to radio talk show host Mark Levin regularly on the radio.  I also have deeply appreciated his books “Liberty and Tyranny”; “Plunder and Deceit”; “Men in Black”; and “Liberty Amendments”.  

I have appreciated his political acumen and scholarly insight cutting deeply into the meaning and implications of political trends, Supreme Court decisions, etc..

In fact, my staff gave me a faux “autographed” picture of Mark Levin for my birthday.  In other words, the joke was on me. 

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20160202 Bill Johnson  Category:   Tags: education, meritocracy, voting

Dan Celia of AFR coming soon

Free Financial Advice and Sound Biblical Teaching

 Finances touch every area of our life. Whether it’s politics, stewardship, or entertainment, regardless the topic, finances touches it either directly or indirectly. There are times we don’t recognize the truth of that, but it’s a fact.  As Christians, it’s important to use sound Biblical principles in handling money.  Financial/Biblical teacher Dan Celia is just the man to help; he isn’t afraid to boldly and directly tackle all issues from a Christian and conservative worldview.  

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20160129 Steve Huston  Category: Educationfinancialmanagement  Tags: stewardship, financial advice

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