The American Decency Association is a non-profit organization associated in Fremont, Michigan. Their principle cause is against pornography and offensive media.

Thanksgiving: Warranted and Needed!

Mayor Duggan jeopardizes safety

You’ve been to our events?

Children – “Spoils” That Go to the Victor?

What is the Christian Response to the Syrian Refugees?

America up for grabs: Bowers family back on the road

Our message yesterday re: Governor Snyder – your call needed!

Snyder OK with Syrian refugees already enroute.

Men without chests?

AGENDA2 by Curtis Bowers

Hamtramck, Mi. Governor Snyder and Muslim refugees

Pray for the persecuted - at home and abroad

Ministry often means standing up

Remember the award winning documentary "Agenda?" Come see the sequel... and meet the creator, Curtis Bowers!

On Sauron, Sith Lords, and Abortionists

Curtis Bowers in person (Agenda2) at ADA

Pornography's Unnoticed Victims

AGENDA2 by Curtis Bowers

A Rising Tide Recap

Playboy and the Passé

The Rising Tide - By God's Grace -

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