The American Decency Association is a non-profit organization associated in Fremont, Michigan. Their principle cause is against pornography and offensive media.


“What’s Interfaith Dialogue” Event

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Join Us THIS Weekend (October 13 and 14)

One of the Biggest Problems for Girls in America

Who’s the Hero?

The Sword of Truth or the Sword of Islam - Join us this weekend

The White House Takes Steps Towards Stronger Immigration Policy

Defend the Defenseless. Action Needed!

What Happens in Vegas DOESN’T Stay in Vegas

The Sword of Truth or The Sword of Islam

Hugh Hefner did America no good

Pt. 2 A Nation Divided...down the 50-yard line

A Nation Divided … down the 50-yard line

Kamal replaced by Johnson as speaker

Everything is Politics

De Jong/Saleem – Dutch Bingo and much more

El-Sayed and the Brotherhood Stealth Model

Stand Up for Maj. Fred Galvin (ret)!

An Important Message from William Wagner

The Cross and the Double-Edged Sword

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