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Message:Many companies today speak about corporate responsibility. And you do have a responsibility to families like mine and the millions of others who support you with our patronage. Yet as you sponsor programs such as American Dad and Family Guy on Fox TV, empowering the most offensive content on network television, you are demonstrating to me and millions of other consumers that you are a company not worthy of my support. Take a good look at the content you make possible with your advertising dollars. The December 12 episode of American Dad, which you sponsored, was disgustingly crude, violent, and offensive. Think of the impact these foul themes and verbiage have upon impressionable hearts and minds and upon our culture at large. You have a choice, obviously, in where you place your ads. I, too, have a choice in where I do business. I urge you to withdraw all advertising from American Dad, Family Guy and The Cleveland Show on Fox TV. I look forward to your response.

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