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Message:I am appalled that your company chose to sponsor the so-called Victorias Secret Fashion Show on CBS. The sole purpose of this hour of television was the pornographic exhibition of women for the pleasure of men. Your advertising dollars supported this program which in no way respects women, rather it degrades them, teaching girls and young women that their worth is dependent upon their sex appeal. The essence of value and beauty in women is not found in perfectly proportioned body parts and the degradation of women for the pleasure of men. There are millions of others like me who are fed up with the unwelcome erotic displays of Victorias Secret. We do not appreciate companies that foist such marketing gimmicks in our faces and we also do not appreciate corporations such as yours which empower such salacious imagery. I urge you to stop using your advertising dollars in ways that are destructive to our families and society. I look forward to your response.

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