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Message:As a consumer, I desire to support companies that are not actively working to oppose my value system. The television program a company chooses to advertise on speaks volumes as to whether or not I choose to buy that product or patronize that business. And so, as a potential customer, I am contacting you to let you know how disgusted I am that your company would sponsor such an objectionable show as Sister Wives on the TLC network. While not containing offensive content such as sex and profanity, Sister Wives is repulsive on a much more profound level. By showcasing a polygamous family, TLC, with your advertising support, is not only condoning an illegal activity, it is undermining the very institution of marriage and family. It is evident that this program is attempting to loosen taboos and present something abhorrent as acceptable and just a normal lifestyle choice. Marriage and family are sacred institutions, forming the bedrock of society. By aligning with such a repugnant concept as polygamy, you are trampling the values held by me and millions of others. I urge you to pull support from this program and use your corporate influence in ways that build up, not tear down, our society, exercising greater care in the ideas and content you promote. I look forward to your response.

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