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Kohl’s is a favorite place to shop for American families.  However, when your company shows disdain for the viewpoints of many of those Americans, you risk alienating millions of potential shoppers – 74 million to be exact.

I’m referring to Kohl’s joining the “cancel culture” by reportedly dropping the sale of My Pillow products because of the political beliefs of the company’s CEO, Mike Lindell, and his support for President Trump.  If you are now applying a political litmus test that your vendors must meet, are you prepared to lose the support of the 74 million Americans who share those political beliefs?  If those who hold a certain viewpoint aren’t welcome to sell products to Kohl’s, then I, as a customer, don’t feel welcome at Kohl’s either.

I won’t support corporate bullies who seek to silence conservative voices from the marketplace of ideas.  As a Kohl’s customer, I urge you to stick to what you’ve done well – sell quality products at an affordable price – rather than choosing sides in the political issues of our day.

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