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I am writing because you have used your celebrity as the Detroit Piston's head coach to publicly lecture on a matter that has nothing to do with your role with the Pistons.  Mr. Van Gundy, you have wrongfully trashed the Bill of Rights when you stated that you don’t care about Religious Liberty when it comes to keeping bathroom usage separate between women and men.  Further, you have nonsensically compared such a highly sensitive personal and moral matter - which seeks to protect the safety and privacy of women and girls - as similar to racial discrimination.

This is not about discrimination.  It’s not even about religious liberty.  It’s about common sense, privacy, safety, and the rule of law. 

With all due diligence, I urge you to retract your attempt to use the NBA as a cudgel to bully state legislators who are seeking to put the welfare and safety of millions of women and girls above the “comfort” of a few.

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