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Dear Mr. McMillon:

Your company and customer base was built on values expressed by your founder Sam Walton.  Values you claim to espouse by quoting him, “Personal and moral integrity is one of our basic fundamentals and it has to start with each of us.”  Even part of your slogan states, “Live Better.”

Because of the family image you portray, I am surprised and appalled to see the pornographic books and other items related to Fifty Shades of Grey offered in your physical and online stores.  Pornography runs contrary to the values you claim; and scientific research shows the damage pornography does to each member of the family.
You must choose
whether you are family friendly or just a store which hungers after a bigger piece of the pie.  I also must choose where I will shop; and yes, one is related to the other.  I hope to see you demonstrate moral integrity and remove all “Fifty Shades of Grey” products from your stores.  I look forward to hearing your response.

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