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I'm writing to express great concern regarding Burger King’s alignment with the LGBTQ agenda via your gay pride burger, your endorsement of the homosexual agenda via participation in a "gay pride" parade, and your scholarship fund to LGBTQ students.

We are a nation where millions adhere to the Biblical position that homosexuality is dishonoring to God and destructive to a people and a culture.   Why would a corporation risk offending millions of customers by choosing sides in such a divisive issue?  As a potential customer, I urge you to maintain a position of neutrality on such an issue of great societal controversy. 

However, as long as you choose to align with an agenda which undermines the family, I will echo the point of view of one person who wrote:  “Think I've had my last BK meal.”  I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will return to neutrality, not advocacy of homosexuality.

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