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Nabisco has long been considered a company that makes wholesome snacks for families to enjoy.  Now Nabisco has twisted the term “wholesome” to describe a lifestyle that millions of American rightly view as immoral.  Instead of holding a neutral position in a cultural debate that has nothing to do with selling crackers, you have made your position clear.

Nabisco may claim to “celebrate” the LGBT warped view of family, but millions of your potential customers believe that the definition of marriage and family established at the dawn of creation does not change.  As you choose to align with the homosexual agenda, you alienate me and millions of other potential consumers who are fed up with the push to label a degrading and sinful lifestyle as “wholesome.”

How you advertise is your choice.  Where I spend my money is mine.  As long as Nabisco undermines my values, I will not support your company.  I urge you to stick to selling crackers, instead of taking sides in promoting a divisive ideology. 

I look forward to your response.

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