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Your advertisement on "Hannibal" promotes dangerous ideas and disturbing violence, especially in light of the recent shootings that have been on the national conscience. Do you really want to encourage empathizing with psychopathic killers and cannibals? That is the premise of NBC's "Hannibal."

Consider what the Daily Beast had to say about this repulsive show. " All of this talent and effort to burnish a (and let’s face it, that’s what he is here) hero who maims, kills, and eats people (most of them female) while feeling nothing regarding their suffering: ick, to use the shortest, most polite word."

The Salt Lake Tribune calls Hannibal  “one of the most violent, bloody shows on TV.”

I strongly urge you to pull yoursponsorship of “Hannibal.”  I will be following the advertising results to see whether or not your company empowers this show in the future.  If you do, you will lose my business and that of thousands of others who are greatly concerned about the impact of such sickening themes upon our families and the American culture. 

You have a choice, obviously, in where you place your advertising dollars.  I, too, have a choice in the companies I support with my patronage.  Please do the right thing and choose a more deserving and life-affirming show on which to advertise.

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