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I am appalled that Mattel, in an irresponsible and destructive marketing ploy, has chosen to display a Barbie doll in the pornographic Swimsuit Edition. 

You call this your “unapologetic campaign.”  I call it abhorrent - using a little girl’s toy as a sex object for men.  With Barbie being shown in conjunction with sexualized women, what message is being sent to men who are already using the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine as a tool for lust?  What kind of message is being sent to little girls as the adult/child boundaries are being blurred?

I urge you to apologize – and show more concern for children who could be damaged and abused by the sexualized message you promote. You have a choice, obviously, in how you market your toys.  I too have a choice in which companies I support.  As long as you continue to mix sexual imagery with toys, Mattel/Fisher Price toys will be on my “do not buy” list.   I will not support a company that undermines the innocence of children.

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