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I am asking you to take a second look at your decision to sponsor the new NBC show, “Sean Saves the World.”

One entertainment reviewer describes the show this way:  Sean Saves the World" confuses tasteless and vulgar with funny. In one episode, Lorna encourages her granddaughter to examine her own vagina in a mirror. Another episode is replete with uncomfortable incest jokes involving Lorna and Sean.  It's gross and creepy.  …

It seems completely incongruous for a company that cares about being a good corporate citizen to turn around and sponsor a program that regularly pollutes hearts and minds – a show filled with raunchy dialog and crude sexual references.  Please remember that as your advertising dollars support the debased ideas portrayed on such shows, you are damaging the families who have supported your company.  I urge you to pull support from this program and use your corporate influence to support positive influences on our culture.

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