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As you advertise on salacious programming - as you did on the ABC show “Mistresses” - your advertising dollars support the sexual and immoral themes portrayed. How disappointing it is to learn that your company is willing to align with the lewd and explicit content depicted on this show.  

And as these immoral and sexually deviant behaviors permeate the cultural waters in which we all swim, our children and families are the ones who especially pay the price.

The Washington Post describes “Mistresses” as “trashy” while the St. Louis Post-Dispatch asks,

“Do you think what TV really needs is more cheesy, sleazy melodrama with lots of soft-core sex scenes? ...”

As an advertiser, you know full well the persuasive power of images and verbiage in influencing behavior.  And so I urge you to recognize the degrading impact of this show, which acts as an assault upon marriage and family, and withdraw your corporate sponsorship.

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