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As a corporation that has chosen to sponsor the NBC television show, “The New Normal,” I’m outraged by your support of a show that not only crosses the line with offensive and racist verbiage, but also pushes the gay agenda, while it offensively labels those who hold traditional values as bigoted homophobes. 

One writer for the Huffington Post commented: “Shock humor is the only type of humor ‘The New Normal’ knows, and it insists on shoving it down our throats …”

Another reviewer wrote:  The New Normalis a deceptive show, one that touts itself as open to all kinds of people yet openly mocks people who are actually different.

“The New Normal” blatantly mocks me and millions of Americans by labeling us as “intolerant haters” when in fact the message you sponsor through this show is one of hate and intolerance toward those of us who hold a different viewpoint regarding the gay agenda.

Do you really want your company name associated with a show that mocks and offends millions of potential customers?  If you continue to sponsor “The New Normal” I will do my best to tell my family and friends to include you on their “no shop” list. 

I look forward to your response.

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