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Recently you attempted to assure customers that JC Penney will “never lose sight” of your founder’s values.  Yet your steps in recent months to reinvent your brand has done exactly that. 

For example, your attempt to redefine "families" in your recent Father's Day and Mother’s Day ads featuring homosexual couples offends the values I share with millions of Americans – just look at the overwhelming support of Chick-fil-A to understand that. Your pandering to the homosexual movement is at the same time pushing away those of us who support traditional, i.e. real marriage.

It is not the place of a department store to be making preachy statements about issues such as gay marriage at the cost of its customers.  That is not the faith-based values James Cash Penney believed in!

Until I hear that JC Penney has truly returned to your founder’s values by, at the very least, pledging to stay neutral in the culture war instead of pushing the homosexual agenda, I will not be shopping in your stores. Please, stay out of the controversy and just sell your products.

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