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With women making up a large portion of our nation’s buying force, why would you as a corporation, dependent upon their patronage, risk offending American women by sponsoring a show that labels them with the highly offensive term “b—ches?”

As a consumer, I support companies that are not actively working to oppose the values of civility and decency I strive to live out and instill in my family.   And so, as a potential customer, I am contacting you to let you know how troubled I am by your sponsorship of the extremely raunchy new ABC show “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt. 23.”

As one commentator stated:  "Obviously, they're using it to be polarizing and controversial and attention-getting. Why else would you use that word?  I don't think … that word is a celebration of women."

And the offensiveness doesn’t end with the title.  From vulgar sex scenes and dialogue to selling drugs and getting a 13 year old drunk – this show does not represent my values or those of millions of Americans.  Frankly, we are sick and tired of this type of garbage that passes for entertainment and we are taking notice of the corporations who regularly empower it.

As your advertising dollars support the debased ideas portrayed on such shows, you are damaging the families who have supported your company.  I urge you to pull support from this program and use your corporate influence in ways that build up, not tear down, our society. 

Please let me know whether or not you will continue to support calling women “b—ches.”

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