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I have heard of your recent Zoo York ad featuring Kate Upton - an ad so explicit and profane that even MTV and Adult Swim have refused to air it.  Reviewers have described your ad as “patently offensive” and “too risqué” – I would simply call it disgusting.

While other companies advertise their products without pushing the envelope in regards to taste and decency, Zoo York chooses to objectify and degrade women and lace your ad with sexual imagery and vulgar, offensive profanities.

Zoo York – get out of the gutter.  Instead of using destructive ads that disrespect women and encourage crude, offensive language, use your creativity to advertise your products in a way that is positive.

I am asking you to do the right thing - pull this appalling ad immediately.   My decision to ever support your company depends on it.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this concern.

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