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As a corporation that has chosen to sponsor the ABC television show “GCB”, I’m deeply concerned by your sponsorship of a show that openly ridicules the Christian faith, depicting its followers as vindictive hypocrites.

You have empowered ABC’s derisive, mocking of Christianity.  From the show’s offensive and crude original title, to the twisted use of sacred scripture, to the explicit sexual imagery and themes, “GCB” is an assault upon millions of families and people of faith.   This truly understates the disgusting nature of this seedy show.

Do you really want your company name associated with a show that offends millions and ridicules their faith?  

Many corporations chose not to advertise on this (one of the most perverse shows ever aired) because they didn’t want their name identified with such a program.

If you continue sponsoring “GCB” I will do my best to tell my family and friends to include you on their “no shop” list.  Please do the honorable thing and pull your ads from this offensive show.

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