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To the Bay County Tourism Development Council,

I have heard of your attempt to set a record for the longest bikini parade and must say I am deeply disappointed in your method of attempting to attract tourists to your city.

There are lines that should not be crossed, even for the sake of growing your community, and one of them is the blatant objectification of women.

Before you attempt to make the excuse that it's just something "that’s just a lot of fun to highlight as a beach destination," as your executive director stated, let's take note of the fact that you are not encouraging the largest swimwear parade. You are planning a "bikini" parade, which means your only purpose is to attract women, in the smallest swimsuits possible to have them strut in front of an audience of men.

A city should not resort to degrading women in such a way for the purpose of boosting tourism. In fact, events like this make it quite clear that you are not an appropriate family vacation destination. I hope you will rethink hosting this event.

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