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Message:I am outraged by the current Lane Bryant window displays and catalog cover, stooping to use nudity and illicit images in an attempt to sell clothing. These erotic displays show complete disregard, even contempt, for mall customers. Shoppers are exposed to explicit images - without choice. Shopping malls should be a welcome place for families without having nudity and sexual imagery foisted in front of our faces and in front of our children. Does lewdness represent the values of Lane Bryant and Charming Shoppes? There are many others like me who don’t appreciate companies that use sex to sell. Many of your competitors choose to market their products tastefully. That speaks volumes to me. How you advertise is your choice. Where I spend my money is mine. As long as your advertising displays undermine common decency, I will not support your company. I urge you to advertise with classiness instead of crassness. I look forward to your response.

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