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339  Will Calvin Speak Into This Concern?
338  Down Syndrome Drag Show
337  Down Syndrome Drag Show
336  I support Kathy Moore in the resolution to terminate the lease agreement for Planned Parenthood
335  Uphold first amendment freedoms
334  Politics or Patriotism?
333  Amnesty
332  Barbie
331  Show respect
330  Your Transgender Prison Policy
329  True dialogue
328  Embrace true tolerance
327  Requesting Walmart return to neutrality in the culture war
326  Your recent ad campaign
325  Your Ad in SI Swimsuit Magazine
324  Free Speech is an inherent right
323  Your assault upon free speech
322  Your Olympic Ad
321  Colonel Raymond A. Kozak
320  Your restroom policy
319  Oppose Transgender Directive
318  Disappointed in Weight Watchers
317  Welfare of your customers?
316  Detroit Pistons and bathrooms?
315  Detroit Pistons and bathrooms?
314  Rescind this policy
313  Your Ad in SI Swimsuit Magazine
312  Balance and even handedness requested
311  Safety of Metro Detroit Citizens
310  Dr. Church should be reinstated
309  Thank you for your vigilance
308  Your "judgment free" policy
307  Your ad in SI Swimsuit
306  Doing the Right Thing
305  Your ad on Victoria’s Secret lingerie show
304  Please stay neutral
303  An Expression of Concern
302  Your Halloween Ad
301  Baseball is a national treasure but must be protected
300  I urge you to withdraw from addressing the Islamic Society of North America.
299  Reverse your decision
298  Reverse your decision
297  Your position on marriage
296  Return to neutrality
295  Your ad on Hannibal
294  Kraft: Your ad on Hannibal
293  Your ad on Hannibal
292  Your intolerance degrades Mozilla
291  Your advertising choice
290  Thank you for your stand
289  Your lawless action
288  Your New Policy
287  My Five Wives and your support of polygamy
286  Your ad on Hannibal
285  Your ad on Hannibal
284  Your marketing ploy has crossed the line
283  Your ad in the SI Swimsuit Magazine
282  Your display of SI Swimsuit Magazine
281  Your New Love ads
280  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
279  Your ad on Victoria Secret lingeria show
278  Your “Show Your Joe” ad
277  Your ad on Sean Saves the World
276  Your ad on Dads
275  My Five Wives and your support of polygamy
274  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
273  Your ad on Mistresses
272  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
271  Your ad on Mistresses
270  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
269  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
268  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
267  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
266  Your ad on Mistresses
265  Your ad on Mistresses
264  Your ad on Mistresses
263  Your ad on Mistresses
262  Your ad on Hannibal
261  Your ad on Mistresses
260  Your ad on Hannibal
259  Your ad on Mistresses
258  Your ad on Hannibal
257  Your ad on Mistresses
256  Your ad on Hannibal
255  Your ad on Hannibal
254  Your ad on Hannibal
253  Your ad on Hannibal
252  Your Sponsorship of Glee
251  Your ad on Hannibal
250  Your Sponsorship of Preachers
249  Your ad on Hannibal
248  Stop marketing eroticism
247  Your ad on Family Guy and the Boston Marathon
246  Your ad on Hannibal
245  Your ad on Hannibal
244  Your Sponsorship of Preachers Daughters
243  Your ad on The New Normal
242  Your ad on The New Normal
241  Your Sponsorship of Preachers Daughters
240  Your Sponsorship of Glee
239  Your Sponsorship on Preachers Daughters
238  Your Sponsorship of Glee
237  Your exploitation of young girls
236  Your ad on The New Normal
235  CMUs Condom Casino Night
234  Your ad empowers a phony version of Playboy
233  Sex does not sell to me or my family
232  Your Super Bowl ad
231  Your Sponsorship of Glee
230  Your Support of Muslim Law
229  Your degrading Super Bowl ad
228  Your ad on The New Normal
227  Stop Sponsoring B Trash
226  Your ad on The New Normal
225  My Three Wives and your support of polygamy
224  Your support of Family Guy
223  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
222  Your ad on Victoria Secret lingeria show
221  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
220  Your ad on The New Normal
219  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
218  Sister Wives and your support of polygamy
217  What you empower
216  Your ad on Glee
215  Your support of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show
214  Your ad on "The New Normal"
213  your advertising support undermines our youth
212  your ad on 666 Park Avenue
211  Your ad mocks millions of potential customers
210  Nickelodeon - like hiring a porn star to entertain at a youth birthday party
209  Your ad supports blatant bigotry and bias
208  What your ad empowers
207  Your sponsorship mocks your customers
206  Your ad supports immorality
205  Your ad sponsors intolerance and hate
204  Your ad sponsors intolerance and hate
203  Sex does not sell to me or my family
202  J.C. Penney values are not in the same ball park as your founders and J.C. Penney foundations
201  Stop imposing your values on your customers
200  When other banks dont promote homosexual parades, why does Fifth Third? We are disappointed!
199  What your advertisements empower
198  You are telling your customers that you have somehow become morally misguided
197  Normalizing polygamy which degrades and perverts
196  There are reasons why your corporation is struggling.
195  Your Fathers Day homosexual ad
194  You are a company sponsoring degradation
193  Stop Sponsoring B Trash
192  Your ad empowers polygamy
191  I will not be dining at your restaurants until ...
190  Empower families, not filth
189  Your ad empowers polygamy
188  Support SB 79, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and Constitutional rights
187  Your company is supporting polygamy
186  Empower families, not filth
185  Your company is supporting polygamy
184  Others do not. Why do you sponsor perversion?
183  Your ad undermines the family
182  Stop supporting bigotry
181  What your company supports
180  What your company aligns with
179  Stop supporting bigotry
178  Stop sponsoring B trash
177  Do not be a repeat offender
176  Your sponsorship of programs that degrade
175  Your ad alienates millions of consumers
174  Your sponsorship of programs that degrade
173  Starbucks proud stance conflicts with Gods standard
172  You have empowered Christian bigotry
171  You are empowering Christian bigotry
170  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
169  J.C. Penneys has turned away from its foundations
168  Your Support Affects Mine
167  You are empowering Christian bigotry
166  Your recent ad
165  A Concern
164  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
163  You are empowering Christian bigotry
162  You are empowering Christian bigotry
161  Thank you for pulling your ad from GCB
160  Keep Star Wars family friendly
159  You have empowered Christian bigotry
158  Your Ad Degrades Your Name
157  A statement of concern and encouragement to lead rightly
156  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
155  Your Ad on "2 Broke Girls"
154  Bikini Parade
153  Please do not sell SI Swimsuit
152  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
151  Your support of SI Swimsuit
150  Your segment on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
149  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
148  Your ad during the Super Bowl
147  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
146  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
145  Your Ad on "Are You There, Chelsea?"
142  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
141  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
140  We thank you
139  Protecting all your customers
138  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
137  MSU, pornography and nudity with their students
136  Your promotion of the degradation of women
135  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
132  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
131  Your Advertisement On All American Muslim
130  Your Advertisement On Glee
129  This weeks Glee sings a song we must not join in on
128  Your Ad on Sister Wives
125  Your Advertisement On Two and a Half Men
124  Your Advertisement On 2 Broke Girls
120  Your advertisement on Playboy Club show
119  Your Ad on The Playboy Club
118  Your Mall Display
117  Your Mall Display
116  Your Ad on The Playboy Club
115  The redefining of marriage damaging to our children going forward
114  Youth are precious and their innocence should be protected
113  You do a great disservice
112  Porn Free Prisons
111  Porn Free Prisons
110  Porn Free Jails
109  Please uphold time honored standards
108  Your Advertisement On NBC Love Bites
107  Kia and your pedophilia ad
106  BOY MINUS GIRL. You can do better than this
105  A word of appreciation
104  Your Advertisement On NBC Love Bites
103  Your Advertisement On NBC Love Bites
102  Reverse bullying? Please be careful not to fall into that mode of operation
101  Your Advertisement On NBC Love Bites
100  CBL Properties and indecency
99  Naughty Times novelties and your publication
98  Undermining the sacredness of marriage not in anyones best interest ultimately
97  Underminig the sacredness of marriage not in anyones best interest ultimately
96  Spencer Gifts degrades mall and shoppers
95  Thanks for acknowledging that your fresh recruits ad was inappropriate
94  We want to protect our childrens innocence
93  Your Push Up bikini for eight year olds and our concern
92  Our expression of continued concern regarding sexual displays at the mall
91  Your Fresh Recruits ad
90  A Concern
89  Your Ad in SI Swimsuit
88  Your public advertisements are offensive not creative
87  ... People always say that news is depressing
86  American Idol
85 now an Internet tabloid?
84  Your Advertisement On American Dad
83  Your Advertisement On Family Guy
82  Your Advertisement On Cleveland Show
81  Your Advertisement On American Dad
80  Meijer sells Playboy deodorant
79  Your Advertising on Victorias Secret Fashion Show
78  Your Marketing Campaign
77  Your Advertising Trends
76  Your Advertisement On Sister Wives
75  Your public advertisements are offensive
74  Your public advertisements are offensive
73  My continued concern
72  My continued concern
71  Your Advertisement On Glee
70  My concern and outrage
69  Your Advertisement On Two and a Half Men
68  Your Advertisement On Glee
67  Your Advertisement On Glee
66  Your counsel to the young wife was not good
65  Your Advertisement On Sister Wives
64  Your Advertisement On Sister Wives
63  Your sponsorship of Sister Wives
62  Your participation with Family Guy
61  Your advertisement on Desperate Housewives
60  County leaders who support fiscal responsibility and decency
59  Your disappointing ads and your lack of response
58  Your irresponsible mall displays
57  Your Advertising Practices
56  Your Advertising Practices
55  Your Advertising Practices
54  Your Advertising Practices
52  Your Advertising Practices
51  Your Advertising Practices
50  Your Advertising Practices
49  Your Advertising Practices
48  Your Advertising Practices
47  Your Advertising Practices
46  Your Advertising Practices
45  Your Advertising Practices
44  Your Advertising Practices
43  Your Advertising Practices
42  Your irresponsible and unwelcome use of pornography to draw young shoppers
41  Your Advertisement on The Gates
40  Your Advertisement on Scoundrels
39  Changing societies do not dictate Gods standards
38  Degrading the shopping environment of our local malls
37  Armanani Exchange uses pornographic images and videos and eroticism to lure youth
36  McDonalds homosexual commercial airing in France
35  Subway advertising dollars enhance the degradation of families
34  Subway advertising dollars enhance the degradation of families
33  Your advertisement
32  Miss USA provocative photos
31  Your advertisement on Family Guy
30  Your advertisement on Family Guy
29  Family Guy on Fox TV advertiser letter
28  Family Guy on Fox TV - advertiser letter
27  Ashley Madison ad to run on NBC?
26  Victoria's Secret's erotic ads
25  Yum Brands sponsors degrading programs
24  Foxs Family Guy - Terri Schiavo, the Musical
23  Victorias Secret and pornographic displays - again --
22  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at Walmart
21  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at Walgreens
20  Thanks for years of service
19  Meijer - a word of appreciation
18  Letter to Bill OReilly and Fox New
17  Dodge Ad
16  Armani Exchange Ad
15  Your Super Bowl Ad
14  Cougar Cruise
13  GLAAD Nomination
12  Your Auto Show displays
11  Advertising on FOX's "American Dad"
10  Your sponsorship of Family Guy
9  Your sponsorship of American Dad
8  Boost Mobile Christmas Ad
7  Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman ad
6  Fox show - American Dad 12-06-09
5  Fox show - American Dad 11-29-09
4  Victoria Secret Fashion Show
3  The destruction of innocence
2  Your advertising dollars supporting filth of Gossip Girl
1  Gossip Girl - young girls kissing - three on ....

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