Be careful not to be bullied with words and peer pressure
Author: Bill Johnson  

The woman from Hesperia, Michigan came up to me after the movie and made it clear she needed to talk.  I was showing a movie decades ago called "The Winnable War."  It was a 60-minute movie which asserted that the battle against pornography was "WINNABLE."

In 2021, that sounds like a joke.  The war against pornography "WINNABLE?" There is no war against pornography, is there?  If I'm wrong fill me in.  Whether or not there is one, there needs to be one and it begins and needs to be sustained in our own lives - day by day - moment by moment.  It can rightly be called the pursuit of holiness.

This is my 5th article that I have written over the last couple of weeks - to find some kindred spirits. 

What you reap you will sow. I did sow for a season … but God.

The Winnable War movie was Dr. James Dobson's movie which he created after serving for 14 months on the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography back in the mid ‘80s.  Dobson was the go-to Christian voice in many lives for a couple of generations as he sounded the alarm with great clarity to his massive listening audience - as the founder of Focus on the Family (1977-2010).

The Hesperia woman?  She was heartsick!    The woman, clearly burdened, came forward with a heavy heart saying "I desperately needed to hear this today."  She told me that she and her husband were close friends with another couple and the three of them were indignant with her because they wanted her to engage in couple/sex swapping.   They insulted her calling her "GIRL/WOMAN" because she wanted nothing to do with it.  She needed affirmation that her instincts/conscience were right, not childish.

They played with her psyche.  The Dobson movie at just the right time bolstered her and gave her the moral clarity she needed. 

Are there certain voices pulling you in a direction that you know does not bode well?  It goes against what you were taught and you know you are weakening.  

Seek a friend; someone who can help you stand against the tide.  Are you a Christian?  Then, by all means PRAY and ask God to strengthen you!

If you are in Christ, seek that Christian friend; that passage of scripture.  If you need to talk, whether a Christian or not, email me at


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