What is art to you ….
Author: Bill Johnson  

Ezekiel 44:23.  They failed to teach the difference between the holy and the profane.  

“What is pornographic to you may be art to another.”  Have you ever heard that?  That is one of those deflecting kinds of cliches brought out by those who like to confuse the issue; disarm you.

“What’s the point,” you may ask. Well, I believe it is one of those kind of statements made to get people like me (and likely some of you) to back off from expressing disgust over a picture, an ad, a cartoon, a movie, a video, a piece of “art.” 

As the greatest generation has left us, there are a few of us who still express concern/outrage at certain junctures along the way when our moral sensibilities are confronted. 

Coupled with the bombardment of pictures, advertisements, movies, etc., it defuses those who yet have at least some level of righteous indignation. 

It can be as concerning as a risqué greeting card at your local “family” grocery store.  You’ve come across them.  Have you ever been offended?  Offended enough to take it to the checkout or manager and express your disappointment and ask that it be removed from their “family” store?” Those cards in that card rack degrade the grocery store, store employees, shoppers, and recipients.  Of course, the concern goes far beyond greeting cards.  Yet as we’ve tolerated what may seem innocuous, we become desensitized while pornography/indecency gains a foothold and, as we now see, inundates our culture.

I am thankful for having an aversion to trashy images, movies, music.  Let me explain why.   I believe it is the long time, faithful work of God in my life to be troubled by those things that degrade the image of God in all of mankind.

God works in mysterious but clear ways.  If we honor Him in the little things, He honors us.   As we draw near to Him, He draws near to us.   He is making us more like Him.

Prayer:  Father, Thank you for the long-term grace that you continue to grant me, giving me a continued desire to put away those things that tear down, degrade, and desensitize.  Help us to be ever mindful that those who come after us have very few voices for purity, godliness, Biblical convictions.  They need voices and living examples who live for Christ, in word and in deed. May I be one of those voices and lives.  In Christ’s name.  Amen.

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