What About Justice Kennedy?
Author: Bill Johnson  

Standing on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court with other Christian leaders awaiting my turn to speak at the Monday morning press conference led by Janet Porter, I acknowledged that America is deserving of the wrath of God. 

I had no profound comments at the press conference on Monday morning other than stating the harsh reality that God blesses a nation whose God is the Lord and He curses a nation that curses Him.  

May God have mercy upon America.  Without His mercy we are doomed to defeat - spiritually from within and externally by enemies that are arising as our inner corruption degrades our will to stand for truth and defend our very borders.  

Below are several links regarding yesterday’s Supreme Court hearings:  one of the most significant days in our nation’s history. 

First, though, Gary Bauer in his End of Day email (4.28.15)

Marriage On Trial 

The meaning of marriage -- and who decides that meaning -- was on trial yesterday at the United States Supreme Court. The justices allotted more than twice the usual amount of time for oral arguments -- attesting to the serious nature of the subject at hand. 

There is every indication from their questioning that four justices on the Supreme Court are ready to find a fundamental right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution. Several thousand years of Western Civilization and nearly 250 years of American history could very well be wiped out by the edict of the high court. 

That very issue seemed to be giving Justice Anthony Kennedy, the likely deciding vote, some heartburn. The definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman "has been with us for millennia," Justice Kennedy said. "I think it's very difficult for this court to say we know better." 

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Justice Kennedy has repeatedly done in previous decisions on related matters. Given his very broad rulings in Romer, Lawrence and Windsor, it is almost inconceivable that Kennedy would come down on the side of normal marriage in this case.

Justice Antonin Scalia expressed concerns about what the redefinition of marriage would mean for the future of religious liberty in America. He is right to be worried. 

On Friday Christian bakers in Oregon were fined $135,000 for refusing to participate in a same-sex wedding. The intolerant left is forcing its morality on the nation. 

The court will likely issue its decision in June. The battle for religious liberty is quickening.

In addition, here are the comments of constitutional lawyer, Mark Levin (former Chief of Staff of Ed Meese, former Attorney General for President Ronald Reagan, and talk show host of the Mark Levin Show), who cuts to the quick on subjects related to the assault upon the U.S. Constitution.

 “[Anthony Kennedy] laid the foundation several years ago for same-sex marriage.  He knows what he did.  ….  The Supreme Court set this in motion with Proposition 8 and DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).  Be surprised if they rule the other way but don’t be surprised if this is the next Roe v. Wade…. I have no faith in this court. This court gave its imprimatur (official approval) to Obamacare, a lawless, unconstitutional act in exchange for individual liberty where people could make their own decisions.  This court turned the Constitution upside down in its immigration ruling against the state of Arizona and now you see as a consequence what Barack Obama has done with that ruling and with this power. This court has already turned traditional marriage, but even more than that federalism – that’s the point – has turned federalism on its head – the idea that Anthony Kennedy is struggling with this is a joke, in my humble opinion, and now it will do this.  I have no faith in this court….  They’ve loaded up the courts and now the courts rather than looking at the Constitution in American history - the courts look to their own previous bastardization of the Constitution.  It’s called stare decisis-  precedent – 'well what did we say last year – we can’t disagree with ourselves now can we?'  Except of course when they want to lurch left then they abandon anything that’s been ruled on before."

Prayer for this case cannot be overemphasized. Bauer and Levin's opinions may lead some to conclude that it's hopeless and nothing can be done, but we serve the God that turned Ninevah to repentance, the king of Babylon to faith, and each of us His people from their sin to Himself. His ruling is what will be handed down next June, not just the Supreme Court's. Let's not stop praying for His mercy.

For further reference:

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