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Message:You do a great disservice to our communities, state and nation by making newsworthy the account of perverse lifestyles practiced by misguided, confused souls who are fostering behaviors that if followed by others will lead to further deviancy, confusion, and heartbreak. Your news team gave this tiny group of people five minutes of broadcast time making it appear as though the lifestyle of adultery, wife-swapping, and bisexuality is an exciting adventure and one that would be beneficial to their children. You may have the power of the airwaves and great influence but you do great damage to your credibility with people like me when you use your influence to degrade God’s standard of honor, decency and marital fidelity between one man and one woman. Your newscast demeans and degrades life and the Creator of all of life. Your attempt to undermine the sacredness of marriage and legitimize deviancy degrades many households and the repercussions are not insignificant as we all are already experiencing.

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