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Message:The American people let you know not that many years ago that we oppose your marketing practices when you published your erotic catalog. Similarly, we do not like you targeting little girls with push up padded bras. Here is what people are saying. You have heard them because these notes were addressed to you in recent days. - Let little girls be little girls. My family and I will not shop at your store. How sickening. - Do any of you who work for A&F have children?? - I have never shopped at your stores because of its poor taste, darkness in that store, young sexy sales people, etc. - I have two young girls and we are disgusted by your advertising campaigns and nasty clothing. Please stop!!! - It starts with putting 8 yr olds on display as sexual objects and the resulting need for harder and harder stimulation. - This is not about free speech or self-expression. It is about keeping our kids safe from those who would take advantage of their innocence. Please listen to the many expressions of concern and market and sell merchandise that is not about sexualizing our youth.

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