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Message:Dear J.C. Penney: I am not only bewildered but disgusted with your recent ad for your Arizona Jean brand swimwear. Your ad heading for these pubescent and prepubescent youth is: FRESH RECRUITS. Your subtitle reads: WE MAKE IT PLAYFUL. YOU MAKE IT FUN. Your pictures portray little girls in bikinis showing cleavage and with hardly anything covering their bottoms. Playful and fun? FRESH RECRUITS? This kind of advertising suggests that young girls are play things available for recruitment. I write this seeking your explanation and apology. It is important that I hear from you. However, if your response is merely a form letter without sincerely addressing this concern, you will only bring further injury to my perception of JC Penney. In a day when children are sexualized and preyed upon, please work to protect their innocence, rather than exploit them. Sincerely,

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