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Message:As a conservative, FOX News has been a haven of “fair and balanced” reporting, giving me perspectives that are rare in today’s media. I have greatly appreciated your support for the values shared by me and millions of others. However, there is one glaring and troubling way in which FOX News is undermining those values! Nearly daily on your FOX News website, a source of news for millions, you showcase front and center raunchy photos and sleazy articles such as your regular “Fox on Sex” segment. I might expect such salacious articles from the ilk of Cosmo, but not FOX News! You do yourself and your viewers and readers a great disservice. We expect more from the network which supports the values of faith, family, and freedom. I urge you to turn away from tabloid reporting and exercise greater care in the material you post. I look forward to hearing from you. Your response will determine my continued support of FOX News. Sincerely,

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