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Message:For years American Idol has drawn millions of viewers – namely families who found in American Idol a show with a reputation for being family-friendly. Even MTV agreed by stating: Idol has always been a kind of wholesome family affair that the entire clan can sit down and watch together without worrying about foul language, nudity or any other PG-13 antics. That's before new judge Steven Tyler came onboard… (source: MTV) And judging by Tyler’s sexually-suggestive comments to young girls on the first episode, you have abandoned this image for a grasp at notoriety. Do FOX and American Idol condone the sexual exploitation of underage girls and young women? Unless you rein in Tyler, you are doing just that and jeopardizing not only your reputation, but also your viewership. I believe my concern represents millions of potential viewers – we do not want to see young girls treated as sexual objects! As long as you allow this exploitation on American Idol, you have lost me as a viewer and I will encourage others to tune you out as well. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you will bring remedy to this very troubling concern.

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