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Message:Dear Sex, gossip, rumors, risque images? When did decide to become a tabloid? When did reporting the news become passe without sleaze? I am extremely disappointed with your web site lately, especially the Features & Faces section. That section is NOT news, it is tabloid journalism at best and pornography at worst! It is hard enough to find news sites with minimal bias, now the only site we trusted in the past has become just one of the gang, reporting gossip, rumor and titillation. Why? Why lower yourself to that level? Are your reporters and news talent so depraved they can't write decent news articles? Can't you report the news without the garbage? I'm disgusted and frustrated and will now look for other online news sources. You had me for a while. Now you have blown it! I doubt my voice will carry much weight, but if someone in your organization has an ear to hear and the courage to take action, maybe I can trust you again, otherwise, I'm gone. Sincerely, Former reader

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