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Message:Dear Ms. Turney: I have been made aware that on February 28, 2008 you stated to investors that Victoria Secret has become too sexy - pledging to return to a more feminine, sophisticated approach in your merchandise and marketing. As one who has been outraged and annoyed by your sexually explicit mall displays and television ads, this came as very welcome news. And yet, if this recent Victoria Secret lingerie show and accompanying television commercials are any indication, you have not kept your word. From the erotic posturing and displays of nearly nude women to the ad offering men a thousand fantasies, the hour-long promotion for Victoria Secret was offensive and by far - too sexy. The essence of beauty in women is not found in perfectly proportioned body parts and the degradation of women for the pleasure of men. If you hope to win shoppers who, like me, are disgusted by your over-the-top erotic displays, then do as you pledged – return to your heritage, marketing in a way that is tasteful, not titillating.

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