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Message:I am writing to add my voice to the flood of outrage across America regarding your decision to sell The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure. Such a decision is truly horrifying and reprehensible! Your statement claiming it is censorship not to offer this book is utterly ridiculous. Every retailer has a choice of what products to offer to their customers. No responsible corporation would condone the sexual abuse of children, and while Amazon may claim to not support or promote criminal acts, by providing this material that is exactly what your company is doing! I understand that as of today you have removed the item from your website; however you cannot so easily remove the impression left on me as a consumer. I understand that this is not the first time Amazon has offered materials promoting illegal activity. Until you cease offering material that condones criminal sexual conduct and retract your statement rationalizing the sale of such, I will not do business with Amazon. I urge you to recognize the harm such material can do to individual lives and ask that you put the welfare of vulnerable children ahead of profit or policy. I look forward to your response.

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