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Message:I am disgusted with your so-called Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman ad that takes the innocence of a childhood Christmas character and perverts it into something vulgar and lewd. Associating Frosty the Snowman with strippers and porn?? This ad is not only offensive, but also irresponsible – for you know, no matter how vigilant the parent, it will be seen by children. It only takes a second for innocence to be lost. As one reviewer stated: …only the worst kind of marketing crawls right out of the gutter and into our living rooms and the lives of our kids. CBS – get out of the gutter. Use your creativity to give us entertainment that we can welcome into our homes without concern for the innocence of our children. I am asking you to do the right thing - pull this appalling Frosty ad immediately. My decision to support CBS depends on it. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this concern.

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