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Message:Dear Mr. Limbaugh, I am thoroughly disgusted that you lent your name, voice, and reputation to the offensive program, Family Guy – a program that undermines integrity, the family, decency, and honor, while it regularly lambastes conservative principles and the faith held sacred by millions of Christians. You acknowledged the concern regarding the moral depravity of this program, yet you chose to take part in it anyway. Family Guy has featured everything from masturbating a horse to mocking the death of Terri Schiavo - filled with countless forms of perversity and crudity in between. Your collaboration with this show did nothing to lift up conservative ideals, but rather undermined them. On your radio program you have regularly chided Republicans who, instead of standing firm, compromise their principles in the hope that liberals will play nice with them. Now you have done the same, Mr. Limbaugh, and I feel betrayed.

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