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Message:While I appreciate the energy you dedicate to selecting the shows you support with your commercials, I feel it is sadly misdirected. In your response to my previous email regarding your advertisements on the ABC programs The Gates and Scoundrels, you stated: While we continue to advertise on news programming, including Fox News, there are certain programs on the FOX Network that do not meet Lowes advertising guidelines, including The OReilly Factor and Glenn Beck Program. Currently, Lowes does not advertise during these programs.
While your response had nothing whatsoever to do with the concerns I shared with you, it does give an interesting look at the misshapen scruples of your company. As a concerned customer I have to ask why a program which simply discusses the issues of the day, however out of the mainstream, is seen as more harmful to families than programs which glorify crime, the occult, promiscuity, and many other ideas which break down the moral fiber of our communities. I hope you will recognize the absurdity of your advertising practices and cease your support of harmful programs such as The Gates and Scoundrels. I would appreciate a response that relates to the subject of my complaint. Thank you.

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