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Message:As your Miss USA pageant becomes increasingly tawdry, you do a great disservice not only to the contestants, but also to the millions of viewers that will observe it, including young girls who are sent a message that their worth is dependent upon their sex appeal. By requiring these pageant participants to dress in lingerie and pose in a sexually provocative manner, you demean not only these, but all women – teaching girls to degrade themselves for the pleasure of men. Sadly, as these women show off their cleavage and body, how many men will use these displays as tools for lust – leading to weakened relationships and marriages and a devalued view of women who are seen as nothing more than sex toys. I urge you going forward to protect the innocence, purity and integrity of not only the pageant participants, but also of your audience. I hope you understand that all actions have consequences, and that the exploitation of women you are promoting will cause damage to hearts, minds, and lives as all of society is degraded.

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