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The recent directive from the federal Departments of Education and Justice under President Obama requiring local schools to implement transgender policies is offensive, intrusive, and completely lacking in common sense.

Officials in many other states have been quick to push back against this federal overreach – but you have not.

As Alabama, state Attorney General, Luther Strange stated: “… School bathroom use is an issue that should be decided by parents, teachers, and principals — not federal bureaucrats.  The DOJ guidance document is also wrong on the law. Title IX allows schools to have separate facilities for separate sexes. The law says ‘sex,’ not gender identity. If the Obama Administration tries to enforce this absurd edict, I will work with other Attorneys General to challenge it.”

And Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky said: “The federal government has no authority to interfere in local school districts’ bathroom policies …”

Numbers of other governors are also directing local school districts in their state to disregard this directive which attempts to force schools to adopt policies that endanger the privacy and safety of students and usurps state and local sovereignty.

I urge you to use your influence to publicly direct local school districts in Michigan to disregard this directive completely and to maintain an expected level of privacy that protects all students.

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