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I was shocked at the Weight Watchers magazine headline “11 Incredible Women BARE ALL” as I learned that your May/June issue devotes 11 pages to photographs of nude women.  I’m sure you claim this marketing gimmick is designed to foster a positive body image no matter what a woman’s size, but getting women to pose naked doesn’t empower them – it objectifies them.

If these 11 women – and all women – are already “incredible” as your headline states, why do they need to pose nude to prove it? Does taking off their clothes for the world to see make them more incredible?

Healthy living is important.  And pushing back against the norm that female beauty is found only in a certain shape and size is also a worthy goal.  Yet there is no “power” in baring it all – it only legitimizes the cultural lie that equates a woman’s worth to her body.  I expect better from your company and I want you to know how disappointed I am.  

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