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Target has a reputation of treating your employees and customers well.  However, Target’s decision to put the comfort of a few over the safety of many has made me reconsider my patronage of your stores.

Your quest to be “inclusive,” puts my family at risk!  Why is it better to force young girls to be scared and uncomfortable going to the restroom, than it is to require a very small population of those who identify as transgender to use the restroom according to their sex?  The issue is not about discrimination – it’s about privacy and safety.  Your policy gives sexual predators free access to places where women and girls should expect to have privacy. 

A commonsense solution would be to add single-use restrooms for the comfort of those who identify as transgender.  However, your refusal to consider such a neutral position shows that your concern is not about the welfare of all of your customers, but about pushing your ideology.  Because you have chosen to put your agenda ahead of my family’s safety, I will no longer be a Target shopper.

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