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I'm writing regarding the teach-in that took place at Calvin on Thursday, December 3.  On a subject with as much import and life and death implications as Isis, Terrorism and Refugees it is very troubling to learn that this event was planned in only ten days according to Professor Frans van Liere.

My concern is heightened by the fact that the perspective held by the majority of the presenters was skewed to the left with little to no mention of topics such as Sharia, Civilization Jihad, the slaughter of Christians, and honor-killing. 

One questioner at the end of the day expressed that generally the presenters served as an apologist for this Islamic wave of mass murder which has touched every continent and nearly every common country.

I urge the college to be more balanced and avoid advancing a one-sided perspective with any future such events planned or conducted under the auspices of Calvin College.

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