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Kohl’s is a favorite place to shop for millions of families.  From great deals on school clothes to household products, your store’s image has been all about family.  As a Kohl’s customer, I am greatly saddened to learn that some Kohl’s stores are now in the business of redefining the definition of marriage and family with the sale of “gay marriage” Hallmark cards.  

As one shopper stated:  If that lifestyle is not being promoted, a traditional wedding card for any “couple” would do.  But, when “Mr. & Mr.” or “Mrs.  & Mrs.” is on the front of the card, there is nothing subtle about the not-so-hidden agenda.  

While these cards may be placed by a Hallmark vendor, you still have the right to stock the merchandise of your choice.  Other stores have told Hallmark they do not wish to sell these cards, choosing to remain neutral on this divisive cultural and moral issue.  I urge you to do so, as well.

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