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Your advertisement on "Hannibal" promotes dangerous ideas and disturbing violence, and yet in a recent letter you write: 

"… There’s nothing more important to us than giving you high-quality products and marketing them responsibly and sensibly at all times.

"… we take great care when developing our advertising to be sure it creates awareness and excitement – and never offends.  We take this same care when choosing our sponsorships.  While we realize that not every television show appeals to every one, we do our best to choose high-quality programming with family appeal …"

However, I am “offended” by such repugnant themes and imagery as cannibalism and the devaluing of human life.   If Kraft considers such a show as having “family appeal,” Kraft has lost appeal with my family. 

I strongly urge you to pull your sponsorship of “Hannibal.” I will be following the adverting results to see whether or not your company empowers this show in the future.  If you do, you will lose my business and that of thousands of others who are greatly concerned about the impact of such sickening themes upon our families and the American culture. 

You have a choice, obviously, in where you place your advertising dollars.  I, too, have a choice in the companies I support with my patronage.  Please do what you’ve pledged to do – choose shows on which to advertise that build up the family.

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