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It’s with a heavy heart that I’ve discovered your betrayal of the gospel, of our Saviour, of the family, and of the many supporters who have given in good faith to your organization. What’s even worse is the light-heartedness with which you address this issue of biblical authority where marriage is concerned.

You state that you are not taking sides; but, that is not possible and if you were honest you’d admit that you have taken sides thereby attacking biblical authority and bringing possible hardship to other parachurch ministries which stand for that which is right. You cannot escape responsibility by saying that you are not a theological arm of the church. Actions and policies have consequences and they reach outside your organization, touching others. Your betrayal of Jesus’ authority and fellow believers worries me, for your sake.

I, with many others, pray that you will align yourself with Scripture, stand strong for and in the name of Jesus, and that you will change your ways.  As long as you continue to promote a worldly vision I will support other organizations and encourage others to do likewise.

In Christian love,

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