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For years Meijer has positioned itself as a corporation that caters to American families.   Offering value prices to your customers is what Meijer is known for.  Yet the harmful messages you promote via your display and sale of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine goes against my values and those of millions of families – your potential customers.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine is nothing more than a phony version of Playboy.  Its sole purpose is the pornographic exhibition of women for the pleasure of men.  It degrades, addicts, and legitimizes these harmful messages which do so much damage to young and old alike.

Does lewdness represent the values of Meijer?  Is this the type of material you wish to have your name associated?   The evidence seems clear.  While the choice is yours, obviously, I also have a choice in where to shop.  Please do the right thing:  make Meijer a family-friendly place to shop once again.

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