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I am disgusted with your recent ad that takes the innocence of a childhood Christmas song and perverts it into something vulgar and lewd.  Associating Jingle Bells with male genitalia??   This ad is not only offensive, but also irresponsible – for you know, no matter how vigilant the parent, it will be seen by children.  It only takes a second for innocence to be lost and for a harmful message to be implanted in lives of both young and old.

This type of advertising crawls right out of the gutter and into our living rooms and the lives of our kids. 

As one mom wrote:  “The Joe Boxer commercial was absolutely repulsive. … I did not find it funny at all. It was horrifying, what if my kids saw that? Bad decision on Kmart's part.”

Another shopper stated:  “Really bad form. It's not 'playful', it's 'suggestive'. … Sorry've lost my business unless you pull that ad.”

Kmart – get out of the gutter.  Instead of using lewdness in your advertising, use your creativity to promote your products in a way that is positive.

I am asking you to do the right thing - pull this appalling commercial immediately.   My decision to support both Kmart and your parent company, Sears, depends on it.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this concern.

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