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I am asking you to take a second look at your decision to sponsor the new show, “Dads,” on FOX TV.  Reviews have denounced the new sitcom as “offensive,” “heavily racist,” “sexist,” anti-Semitic,” “morally absent,” and having an “unfathomable amount of bigotry, racism, ageism, and off-color “humor.”   

From The Wall Street Journal describing the show as “deeply and fundamentally racist” to The Hollywood Reporter stating, “There’s a stink to it,” critics and viewers agree – “Dads” is the most offensive show of the season.   

Is bigoted, racist, and sexist “humor” the best way to advertise your company?  Do you really want your company’s name associated with such offensive content?  I’m asking you to pull your support of this degrading show and use your advertising to empower that which makes our culture better – not coarser.


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