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Message:Enough is enough! Week after week advertiser support of Family Guy empowers themes that lead to the incremental destruction of our society. Case in point. Your advertising dollars supported Family Guy on Sunday, March 21. Family Guy maliciously mocked the Terri Schiavo case by having a preschool class perform a musical with song lyrics such as the following: Terri Schiavo, is kind of alive-o, the most expensive plant youll ever see and refers to her so-called mashed potato brains while one preschooler is dressed as an electrical plug to be pulled. Can you imagine the profound grief this scene would cause her parents? Such twisted viciousness is incomprehensible! I cannot believe the depths of depravity to which this program once again sunk making fun of the death and dying of Terri Schiavo - not a cartoon caricature, but a real person! I am putting you on notice. If you continue to sponsor this degradation, you not only will lose me as a customer, but I will also spread the word to friends and family that your company is one bent on degrading our children and families and is not worthy of our support as consumers.

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