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I am appalled at your marketing of lingerie to young teen girls.  I find it truly reprehensible that Victoria’s Secret would sexualize young girls and target and manipulate this vulnerable age group for your profit and at their expense.  And the price they will pay is high.   Young girls plagued by poor body image, eating disorders, promiscuity – causing both immense physical and emotional damage.

Instead of fostering the intrinsic value and innocence of young girls, Victoria’s Secret is sending the message that a girl’s worth is dependent upon her sexuality – equating femininity with eroticism.  Objectifying girls and women as nothing more than sexual objects to be used for the pleasure of men.   

All of us in society have a responsibility to nurture and protect our children and youth – not bombard them with a flood of sexualized messages that they are not mature enough to handle or resist. 

Instead of irresponsibly adding to our already sexually charged society, I strongly urge you to do the right thing - stop marketing eroticism to our youth.


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