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I am deeply saddened to read of Central Michigan University’s accommodation, promotion, and engagement with the so-called “Condom Casino Tour.” 

Millions of people in this country still uphold abstinence before marriage.  Millions are disgusted by cheap “safe-sex” approaches as exemplified by last week’s “Condom Casino Tour” to propagandize impressionable college-aged students.

Thousands of parents, in sending their loved ones to CMU, anticipate that those in leadership positions at the university will serve as gatekeepers – promoting and encouraging virtue rather than vice.

In a day of cheapening and the coarsening of our culture, rather than lifting up ethics and morality, CMU chose to contribute to the coarsening of young people who would be better served by calling them to the very morality and ethics that the Condom Casino Tour and the University chose not only to ignore, but to denigrate.

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